Mid-Term-Conference in Katowice (PL)


Mid-Term Conference of the e-CREATE Project

Cultural Routes Entrepreneurship and Technology Enhancement

30 September - 2 October 2013

Hotel Monopol
ul. Dworcowa 5
40-012 Katowice (Poland)

Hosted by the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion Co.

During our three-day Mid-term Conference in the Silesia region, where we discussed the promotion of entrepreneurship by using modern ICT.

By promoting the use of new technologies the project aims at increasing the competitiveness of service-oriented tourism enterprises in rural areas along cultural routes.

Based on the identification of good practices, the project elaborates policy recommendations.
In particular, these proposals will be addressing decision-makers on local and regional levels in order to provide a basis for the enhancement of supply-side oriented policies.

Components of the conference were:

•           a keynote speech on the support of Entrepreneurship in Rural Regions
•           an introduction of the LIMES project - Large Scale Innovative and Mobile European Services for Culture Tourism in Rural Areas
•           workshops to debate about the success factors of the identified good practices
•           discussions on Polish and other European good practices in the promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of rural tourism through modern ICT as well as e-CREATE learnings, policy recommendations and financing

The event report can be found in the download section of this website!